When good people end up in relationships that don’t work we can help.   Although we would like to think all marriages will last forever, we know that a strained relationship can take its toll.  Let us help you through this difficult time.  Whether you are inclined to try and resolve matters amicably out of court, or those efforts have failed and you need to prepare for trial, we can handle your case.  Divorces  are hard enough; you need to be comfortable with your choice in an attorney.  We hope to be able to meet you and your expectations.


Child Custody

Children running on meadow at sunsetWhen parents decide to separate, their children should not suffer.  We can assist in the challenge of working out what is best for your children during your difficult time.   There are few things more precious to us in our lives than our children.  The same conviction that may drive you to “fight” with your spouse over the custody of your children should likewise convince you to insulate them from the strain of the separation.  We encourage all clients to pursue the possibility of settlement, but recognize that not all cases will end that way.


Child Support

Football playersWhen parents are separated they each have a financial obligation to their children.  We can help you determine how much financial support is appropriate based upon the Virginia child support guidelines and your particular circumstances.  Although the child support guidelines may be very straight forward in most cases, there can be unique circumstances that should be argued in order to rebut the presumed guideline support amount.


Spousal Support

Divorce decree document and court gavelThe economic partnership created in a marriage may also create a responsibility of  support between the two spouses.  Spousal support may not be appropriate in all cases, but the issue will need to be assessed in every divorce case.  A spousal support determination will not only focus on the appropriate amount to be paid, but also whether that amount should be paid for a specific  limited period of time.


Property Division

DivorceIn Virginia, the process of dividing your marital assets is called “equitable distribution”.  This can be a complex process which may require significant efforts to obtain the necessary financial records and analysis of those records.  In some cases, the situation may dictate that we have an expert provide an analysis regarding a specific issue.  We have worked with many local experts and can assist with finding the appropriate expert to analyze the issues in your case and persuasively help present the evidence on your behalf.  Your failure to properly prepare can have significant consequences.  We pride ourselves in working through complicated property matters to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients.