Family Law:

Divorce – When good people end up in relationships that don’t work we can help.   Although we would like to think all marriages will last forever, we know that a strained relationship can take its toll.  Let us help you through this difficult time.  Learn More »

Child Custody – When parents decide to separate, their children should not suffer.  We can assist in the challenge of working out what is best for your children during your difficult time.   There are few things more precious to us in our lives than our children. Learn More »

Child Support – When parents are separated they each have a financial obligation to their children.  We can help you determine how much financial support is appropriate based upon the Virginia child support guidelines and your particular circumstances.  Learn More »

Spousal Support – The economic partnership created in a marriage may also create a responsibility of  support between the two spouses.  Spousal support may not be appropriate in all cases, but the issue will need to be assessed in every divorce case.  Learn More »

Other Law:

Traffic/Criminal Law – If you find yourself in need of help with a traffic or criminal matter we can help.  We have assisted many people charged with serious felony offenses and less serious misdemeanors and traffic infractions.  Learn More »

Business Matters – Whether you are forming a new business, negotiating the acquisition of another business or working through difficulties with a partner, we can provide you assistance.   Learn More »

Personal Injury – The practice of personal injury has become a highly publicized area of the law.  Many law firms aggressively advertise through television, radio and other media.   You will not see us on the television, but we hope you will find us through all of that clutter.  Learn More »