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Child Custody and Visitation During a Deployment

When a relationship ends, and two loving, fit parents are involved in a child custody dispute, the court prioritizes the best interests of the child over almost everything else. In Virginia, that means, in part, striving to assure children frequent and continuing contact with both parents. When one or both of a child’s parents are […]

When Can I File for Divorce?

Litigants in Virginia must establish grounds for divorce before the court will dissolve a marriage, so litigants may file for divorce once those grounds have accrued. The Code of Virginia provides four distinct categories of grounds for divorce. A spouse may start divorce proceedings once s/he has a good faith basis to allege any of […]

How Is the Amount of Child Support Usually Determined?

The amount of child support that a court sets in any case depends on a number of factors. The two most basic issues are: 1) what are the gross incomes of the parents; and 2) what is the custody arrangement? Both of those issues can be the subjects of contentious litigation, but once they are […]